Tuesday, April 11, 2006

How Do You Tell YOURS?

The Good News. Buen Noticias. The Message. Whatever you call it, we're supposed to be telling it. How? Let me count the ways...

The Kristo - probably the best online flash video of it's kind. Check it out.
Got Life? -not to shabby, a bit on the systematic side.
F.A.I.T.H. - the updated version of CWT and EE (for you old geezers...)

Not to mention WWJD, F.R.O.G., D.O.G., and the mountain of t-shirts, bumper stickers, tracts, bracelets, keychains, CDs, etc. all designed to help us tell the story of God's plan for redeeming us and the rest of the planet.

We've got more tools in our toolbox than Ty Pennington. But how effective are they? How do we use them? Do we use them at all?

The danger is in thinking that wearing a t-shirt is doing evangelism. I've never run into anyone who became a Christ-follower by seeing a bumper sticker or a silicone bracelet. At some point don't we have to open our trap and TALK about how Christ saved us, gave us hope, and adopted us into the Kingdom? Doesn't it involve conversation?

How do you tell your part of the Christ-story? What interesting conversations have you had? What have you learned from others?


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Craig said...

You have to SHOW them Jesus, before you can tell about Jesus. Our neighbor across the street is an 81 year old widower. We've known him for years. After his wife died, we took him in and began taking meals over to him, and we keep inviting him to church but....
During Hurricane Rita, etc, we evacuated and took him with us. We all stayed at one of our church board member's home. After the storm, our pastor came by to check on us, then our music guy, then other members of the church came by to help. He saw a church in action. He has not missed a Sunday since. He has totally surrendered his life to God.

At 7:28 PM, Blogger scott m said...

BTW, you need to fix The Kristo link.

Beyond that, I've been thinking about this since you posted it, unsure how to respond. I like the Kristo site, not least because it spends more time focusing on life than what happens when you die.

I don't actually have a formula. And I tend to distrust things like GotLife? and FAITH.

I also tend to focus more on listening, being a friend, and trying to help. I'm very conscious how easily and quickly I could be discounted. After all, I used to do it. Nor, given the large number of people who never knew the eventual impact they had on me, am I fixated on making someone a Christian.

So I guess I tend more toward what Peter suggest. I'm prepared to explain my hope, but always in a manner that fits the question and the questioner rather than me.

I'm also not against proclamation. To some extent, I feel I do that through my acting. And I'm told that at least some people have turned to Jesus over the years as a result. (Any time I hear that, it's a tremendous encouragement to me. There are times I feel like the preacher in Ecclesiastes. Vanities of vanities. All is vanity. When it feels like my acting efforts are received as nothing more than entertainment, that's exactly how I feel.)

But mostly I focus on listening to and trying to help those who actually share with me.


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