Monday, August 22, 2005

9 Out Of 10 Ain't Bad, Fellas

My goal was simple: ten things to NOT do... reflecting back, here's a postmortem of the week.

1. I didn't see Jess and the gang in the new Dukes movie. However, I DID get suckered into seeing March of the Penguins...ugh. Seriously, I have Discovery Channel at home, why am I here? Because Valiant sold out and my boys wanted to see a movie at the 'big FE-a-TUR'. Save your 8 bucks and let me fill you in: penguins migrate to the same spot each year to mate. It takes a long time. Evidently a really long time. Long enough to drink a bladder-buster size Mr. Pibb and eat 7 lbs. of popcorn and still have time to slip out for some video games before the little penguin chicks have to waddle off into the arctic sunset. It's long. And slow. [I guess penguins aren't really that fast, anyway...] I should email Morgan Freeman and demand my money back...he must really, really, really like penguins. I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

2. I didn't run out and buy Oprah's DVD.

3. I didn't check my daily cosmic calendar at Nope, not even once. And I slept pretty dang well at night, too.

4. I didn't save a ton of money by switching to Geico. But I did save a little. I guess that makes up for the Penguin fiasco.

5. I didn't worry that I still don't have an iPOD. Music has become pretty disposable these days, anyway. With deals like 'buy 100 CDR's for $14.95 and get a rebate for $14.95, I guess I'm good for a while.

6. Unfortunately, I DID mow. Our landlord has put up our house for sale, so I needed to get out and get the yard in shape. Such is life.

7. I didn't catch a 45-lb. catfish. Ugly doesn't describe 'em. But Darien and I did do some fishing and catch a few bass and perch. For those of you who aren't fisherman, let me just say that we were pretty thrilled to catch ANYTHING in the +100 degree heat...

8. I didn't worry about gas prices. Whatcha' gonna do?

9. I didn't listen to any PCD. For the record, I could do this one for the rest of my life...

10. I didn't shave. Don't worry, I did bathe though. After all, soap is the yardstick of civilization.

A week of sabbath rest. Wow. A week without wearing a watch or being on a schedule. Taking walks. Watching people. No phones or internet--and still surviving! Fasting from all things hectic.

I highly recommend it...

It feels good to be back. Recharged for the days ahead [and regular blogging and dialogue].


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