Friday, March 03, 2006

Walk On

For those of you who read here, thanks for your patience while I've been busy with, well, I thought that things would settle down this week, but no. Now it looks like it'll be another couple of weeks before I can blog regularly again. So pray for me. I'll be as specific as I can...

#1-Two praise teams, a great student ministry, and a wonderful family. I'm blessed. But I'm also *really* worn out. Pray for wisdom...and relief.

#2-Specific students in our ministry that are devastated spiritually and emotionally. Recent and not-so-recent events that have happened and have rocked their world in every sense. Questioning themselves. Questioning their family. Questioning God. To all of you, I love you dearly and pray for you often. You are in the midst of a battle. The war is for your soul. You are not alone...don't give up.

#3- I've got some friends with really fragile marriages right now. Pray for them. The Enemy is highly upset at the great things going on here and, as a result, temptations and weaknesses seem to be cropping up everywhere.

Great students. Great adults. But the Enemy never sleeps. I remember something about a Roaring Lion roaming the earth looking for someone to devour...One day the King will put a bullet in his head. Until then, we march on.


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