Wednesday, August 31, 2005

He Touched Lepers

Most people think of Jesus as the guy who started the Christian religion. Turns out he wasn't just a guy, and he wasn't interested in religion. But he did have an affinity for Lepers.

He (the leper, that is) was no different than I. He longed for what I long for. To be complete. To live up to the potential that I was created for. I’ve had health problems all my life, so on one level, I can relate. My limitation is in my lungs. His was leprosy.

Jesus was coming down from the mountain. Behind Him followed huge crowds of people. The crowds didn’t get Jesus’ attention. But one man did.

We don’t even know his name. He had no friends that we know of. He merely made one statement: “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.” No deep theology. No homiletical, hermeneutical gobbledy-gook. Just a simple statement of faith.
According to the scripture, Jesus reaches out his hand, touches him, and heals him. On the spot.

No strings attached.

Nothing to sign.

No commitments.

No big deal.

Unless you’re the leper.

If you’re him, it is a HUGE deal. See, the leper knew all along that Jesus could do it. He had the power to do it. It wasn’t a matter of “if he could”, but a matter of “if He was willing”. And the answer was a resounding “Yes!” In fact, Jesus merely stated, “I am willing. . . Be healed!” and . . . tah-dah! . . . it’s a done deal! And the leper will never be the same again. . .
The leper wanted to be clean. He knew that Jesus could do the job. More than anything, he had to have enough faith to take a chance.

The cool thing is that Jesus actually wanted to cleanse him. More than He wanted the recognition of the crowds, Jesus wanted to touch this man and change him forever. More than anything, Jesus wanted him cured.

I'm wondering where we need the touch of Jesus?






Jesus is still in the business of touching. Physically. Emotionally, Spiritually. More than anything else, He wants to.

He can.

He will.

Call out to Him, “Lord, make me clean!”

He’s not concerned about the crowds.
He’s concerned about you.



At 1:44 PM, Blogger scott m said...

Cool. Me. Always, it seems like.

And to add some ideas from one of the books I'm reading, many of Jesus' actions had the added dimension of restoring people to a place in society, not just personally and individually. The leper could be examined at the temple and declared clean. The woman who never stopped bleeding (something for which they had a name that carried with it a similar outcast connotation) was restored to society, to marriage (or its possibility), and so much more.


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