Monday, September 26, 2005

Drop Everything

Out of the mouth of Maeghan Bell, came great words of wisdom at The Dive Sunday night.

We're talking about characteristics of a disciple. Things like honesty. Faithfulness. Stuff like that.

Maeghan pokes her hand up. She says, "There's a song we sing in Big Church that goes, 'Take up your cross and follow me...'. " We all nod in agreement.

"But we can't do it. We need to add something to the song to make it right."

"Whaddaya mean?", I asked.

Maeghan explained, "I mean, it should say 'Drop everything'. Then, 'take up your cross and follow...'. We've got so much stuff in our hands as it is, we can't pick up our cross."

Dude. I'm done.

Let this post serve as an official announcement: Someday soon, with Maeghan's permission, I will steal her comments and make them my own.

We'd ALL be better off if we'd just DROP EVERYTHING. Just drop it. Unless it's your cross...put it down. It's not yours.

If your faith doesn't produce Christ in you, then your faith is worthless. If what you have produces good works, a polite attitude, a decent paycheck, ...but not Jesus....keep it to yourself. I don't need it.

Better yet, drop it. Leave it on the side of the road. Take it out back and put a bullet in its head if you must. But if it doesn't produce Christ in you, let it go. You can't follow if you haven't taken up your cross.

And you can't take up your cross if your hands are full of other things (yes, even good things).

Drop everything.


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