Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Decision

Paul Westerberg is one of my favorite songwriters. While living in the Land of Random, I pulled out his 14 Songs CD this morning and the following tune really grabbed my attention in a new way. Here's a short excerpt:

You don’t blow like the breeze you were born to be
You die down in the trees and try to hide
Will you witness the dark?
All you need is a spark
A cathedral of torches to light the night

On your mark, here I am
I’m your spark.....Runaway wind

You trade your telescope for a keyhole
Make way for the gray that’s in your brown
As dreams make way for plans
I see ya watch life from the stands
Come on I’ll help you burn ’em to the ground....

Of course, good song lyrics usually make lousy poems. But you get the drift.

The majority of people I meet aren't living as the breeze they were born to be. They've settled down and given up on an extraordinary life. The Abundant one.

Even some Christians I know.

We try so hard to fit in and not make waves. Color inside the lines. Walk in a straight line. Conform in every detail. The problem is that Christ invites us to a life completely different than what anyone ever expects. Outside the lines. Outside the box.

Let me ask you ONE question: what were YOU born to be? Why are YOU here, sucking oxygen off the planet? To settle for mediocrity? For 'normal'? ....for 'boring'?

Me? One thing has forever changed my life. Really. My job is to passionately pursue who God has called me to be. Everything else is sin.

Telescope over keyhole. Ocean over fishbowl. Rocky road over Vanilla.

But that's me.


At 9:04 AM, Blogger -tg2 said...

Amen brother... All good stuff. It really makes one wonder, just what was I made for? If you don't know the answer to the question -- just ask for directions -- myself included.

At 7:49 PM, Blogger James Whitlock said...

"My job is to passionately pursue who God has called me to be. Everything else is sin."

That is an awesome statement...

That should be on everyone’s ID, driver’s license, business card, birthday card, valentine cards, apology cards....BIRTH RECORDS!!!

This is a statement for all much wisdom in a single statement..

Something to learn for everyone....


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