Thursday, March 16, 2006

Training Day

Last night I went on a ride-along with my brother-in-law at the Ft. Collins PD. We got a domestic disturbance call and headed out to the north side of town. The young, Hispanic male, (let’s call him Juan, because, well... that’s his name) was just coming down from a 3-day meth/crack bender and was pretty, um....….uncooperative. He had been beating up his girlfriend and his mother, and had put his head through a plate glass window in the process, so he wasn’t pretty. When we arrived on the scene, he was one hopped-up vato loco.

One of the officers decided, rather than wrestle with Juan and risk us getting injured, it was time to bring in the pepper spray. Crackhead Johnny dropped like a stone.

The officers took him to the ER for examination, a handful of stitches for his forehead, and to test his BAC (blood alcohol content). In Colorado, as in the great state of Texas, the legal limit is .08. Our buddy Juan blew a .339.

So, after lots of swearing and fighting, they were able to hog-tie Juan enough to get him in the squad car and transport him to jail.

Good times.

It was a great night. We had other calls as well (car thefts, traffic accidents, etc.) including a few suicide calls. But I’ll reserve those for another post.

Hats off to the men in blue. Next time you get pulled over because your tail light is out, remember that he’s not necessarily there to ruin your night, but to protect you from someone else who is. Guys like Juan.

Back to the slopes…


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