Friday, January 20, 2006

SBTC Pastor Removed, Part 5--The Rub

Yesterday, Jan. 20, Bapist Press and Jerry Pierce (SBTC) issued yet another article in an effort to put out the fire. According to the article, Rix Tillman, pastor of Exciting Immanuel Baptist Church in El Paso and a credentials committee member, said Haney unconvincingly tried to argue to the committee that because Eklektos is not technically a church, no constitutional problem existed. “The sticking point was that he was allowing a homosexual-affirming fellowship to meet in his building,” Tillman said.“Right there on their website they said [they] are an enabling or affirming [fellowship]. It’s OK to say you welcome homosexuals, but they were saying we not only welcome them and but we also go along to affirm them. That was open and shut as far as our [SBTC] constitution goes.” Let's keep repeating this long enough, and maybe someone will believe that it was really the point to begin with.. (OK, that last part was mine, not Rix's.)

SBTC board chairman Joe Stewart said, “When we sign an agreement to be a part of the SBTC, we have those theological parameters that we live and abide through and that is part of what makes us unique and distinct.”

Please understand, I get it. I understand what Stewart is saying, but I found it interesting that in an unrelated article, I found Wade Burleson (amidst his own fiasco) saying:

"Conservatives who loved the battles of decades past have fallen victim to a crusading mentality of bloodthirst," ... "Since all the liberals are gone, conservative crusaders are now killing fellow conservatives."

The article also quotes Burleson's blog from December 10, 2005, saying:
"Sadly, the Southern Baptist Convention is now moving toward a time when everyone must look the same, talk the same, act the same, believe the same on the nonessentials of the faith, or else you will be removed as `not one of us'."



At 2:59 PM, Blogger -tg2 said...

Oddly enough (in a 'its a small world sort of way') I spent some time with Bro. Tillman on a mission trip to Lebanon. He really didn't stike me as a 'what is your definition of "is"?' kinda guy.


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