Saturday, March 18, 2006

Last Dance With Mary Jane

One more time to *feel* the pain....

Today was our last day skiing Winter Park. It was awesome. I spent the afternoon on the Mary Jane side of the mountain. She's 30 years old this year...the gal's got spunk. Perfect powder and all. I caught some righteous air (for an old guy) while totally diggin' the scenery Our Creator seemed to create out of pure joy. (cue 'God of Wonders' here...)

I absolutely believe God enjoys His children enjoying His all of its forms. Pictures cannot adequately capture it. You'll just have to come back with me next time.

We leave tomorrow to head back to TEXAS! I'll post more after we get settled. There's a big winter storm blowing in tomorrow...traffic will be horrible...roads will be a nightmare...and hotels will be scarce....pray for our safety as we travel!


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