Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Are You A Dreamer?

I was reading this morning about Joshua and Caleb (Numbers 13 and 14). It seems to me that revolutionaries are Dreamers. And sometimes dreamers just get in the way...It reminded me of the first Matrix movie. Remember how Morpheus always seemed to speak to Neo in a 'dream'? (BTW, Morpheus was name of the Roman god of dreams...)

Dreams are what keeps you going. I'm talking about God-given dreams, ideas, plans, etc. that lead to God-honoring results. God-given dreams give you God-given drive.

Dreams are specific, not general. Dreams are personal, not public. Dreams appear to others as extreme and absurd. Illogical. And they are always outside the realm of possibility.

Dreams are the stuff that make leaders. If you don’t dream, you can’t lead.

But back to Joshua and Caleb.
They had determination, vision, and dreams. The other 10 priests sent to spy out the land did not.


1. Those without dreams and determination will always outnumber those who do. Ten saw the problem, two saw the solution. Ten saw the obstacle; two saw the answer. Ten saw the size of the enemy; two saw the size of their God.

2. They had a different spirit. (Numbers 14:24). Not more popular or more intelligent. As a result, God spared him and Joshua from death in the wilderness. (Numbers 14:30-35) The rest of their generation died. Every tombstone along the way was a reminder that God means what He says. Wow.

3. They had a different ending. They finished well. Picture Caleb—85 years-old—hiking up the mountain, rolling up his sleeves to take on the giants. The majority of people thought he was nuts. But that's okay. Since when do dreamers/leaders worry about the majority?Joshua—Joshua 23:6-7—warns the people not to associate with other nations among them so they don’t begin to serve false gods.

4 Things to I need to remember:
-----Never use age as an excuse.
-----Never take your cues from the crowd.
-----Never think your choices obligate anyone else.
-----Never quit because someone disagrees with you.

God never puts a small dream in anyone's heart. Why? Small dreams don't need Him. And big dreams require Him.

What is it that God has put in your heart to do for Him? Maybe it's something that is so huge, you’re scared to even say it aloud…

Be Joshua.
Go find Caleb.
And go for it!


At 1:33 PM, Blogger James said...

so i've heard my whole life, from the first day i said i wanted to be a musician that it was stupid and not likely to make alot of money, implying my life won't be good. i'm gonna go ahead and not listen to them...

At 7:43 AM, Blogger scott m said...

Poet and actor? Both are a part of my character and both are dreamers, so I'm a dreamer by nature. Plugging in to God's dreams, though, is not just a step, but a huge leap. God dreams dreams that are so much larger than me...

Of course, I think I've already mastered the other people thinking I'm nuts part. ;-)


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