Thursday, October 06, 2005

Are We Doing It Right?

Steve McCoy has a great post here which got me thinking: Are we doing it (evangelism) right?

Below is an excerpt from Keith Miller's "Scent of Love"...

The early church grew “not because of the [spiritual gifts] of Christians – such as the gift of speaking in tongues – and not because Christianity was such a palatable doctrine (to the contrary, it is about the most unpalatable doctrine there is) but because they had discovered the secret of community.
Generally they did not have to lift a finger to evangelize. Someone would be walking down a back alley in Corinth or Ephesus and would see a group of people sitting together talking about the strangest things – something about a man and a tree and an execution and an empty tomb. What they were talking about made no sense to the onlooker.
But there was something about the way they spoke to one another, about the way they looked at one another, about the way they cried together, the way they laughed together, the way they touched one another that was strangely appealing. It gave off the scent of love. The onlooker would start to drift farther down the alley, only to be pulled back to this little group like a bee to a flower. He would listen some more, still not understanding, and start to drift away again. But again he would be pulled back, thinking, I don’t have the slightest idea what these people are talking about, but whatever it is, I want part of it."

I'm wondering if we were people like that, would we still have a need for FAITH training...? Don't get me wrong--I'm not against FAITH, or WWJD stuff, or any other evangelism tool/strategy.

But somewhere along the way, things begin to smell less and less like the aroma Miller talks about above. Or maybe there's too much spiritual ragweed in the air for me to detect it.



At 12:41 PM, Blogger -tg2 said...

So, they weren't arguing over stuff??? They weren't bashing the church with everything they said??? I wonder what that would look like...

What would that "fruit" look like today?

At 2:22 PM, Blogger James said...

the pollen of love, in my life, has broght about SOOO many more bees who need something, anything, everything than any strategy ever has. but the pollen has to be let outside of the walls of our church building. my whole life i have "communed" with christians in church, and was "sent out" by my ministers to go "evangalize"... but when I walk outside, all that community stops. I'm alone in the world of wolves. we're growing people up to believe all our community can happen inside our protective walls that we built. it cannot. it MUST not be walled up anymore. my thought is that we need to stop "sending out" individuals and just break the walls down (maybe literally) and go as a community.


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