Monday, October 17, 2005

Why You Shouldnt Read This Book

Why You Shouldn’t Read This Book

  1. It is a book about sin. I realize sin is not our favorite topic. Far from it. Why? Because we all sin. Every day. It’s not just what we do, but it is part of who we are. Sin is part of our spiritual genetic makeup. We tend to say things like, “I struggle with…” or “My shortcomings are …”. Can we just face it? It’s called sin. And it’s ugly. For the most part, our culture finds sin laughable. Wanna destroy your social life? Just bring up the subject of sin and see what happens…

  2. It is a book about suicide. See, this little book shows us where and how to get what we need. It points us to the secret of abundant living. But the catch is that you have to give up everything, including your own life. That is, if you want to find real life. This whole thing about ‘taking up your cross’ is about dying to your own self and making Him your Boss. It’s about eighty-sixing your will.

  3. It is a book about un-religion. Most people think of Jesus as the man who started the Christian religion. It turns out he wasn’t just a man. And he wasn’t interested in religion. In fact, He routinely ripped the established religious status quo in favor of a New World Order that freely accepted whores, thieves, outsiders, and religious outcasts. If you’re looking for religion…keep looking elsewhere.

  4. It is a book about second chances. And third chances. And a hundred chances after that. It shows us how to get this life right, not just some kind of pie-in-the-sky-when-I-die-by-and-by ‘fire insurance’. It’s about being picked up by Love, dusted off by Grace, and having your tears wiped away by the Abba Daddy I secretly hoped was out there somewhere but was too afraid it was just a dream.

Unless, of course, you’re actually looking for some of those things…


At 12:45 PM, Blogger Howie Luvzus said...

It's really hard to understand and it has been misused for centuries.



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