Monday, October 24, 2005

28 Days

Mark your calendars for December 29-31, 2005 !

Where? Three Mountain Ranch

Why? Our annual New Years Retreat!

What's the story with '28 Days'? Once upon a time, there was a movie about a guy named Jim (see his pic below). Jim was a bicycle courier who awoke one day from a coma. As he begins wandering the halls of the hospital, he notices a LOT of change in the world around him. Something has infected him....and a lot of other people as well. Within 28 days, the infection is complete and no one is ever the same.

What if that were true spiritually? What if you could take 28 days to focus your spiritual life and jumpstart your relationship with God? What if there were things...specific could do for 28 days that would change you on the inside so that you'd never be the same again? Ever. What if you could become something other that what you are?

That's what we're working towards. With the help of our SALT team, we're getting ready for an experience that we hope will change us.

We're praying for something to infect us. Something that changes the way we act. The way we think. The way we live.

How will the story end? That depends on what happens in 28 Days...


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