Saturday, June 04, 2005

Emergent Threat

I am emergent. I am conservative. But I am not MPD [multiple personality disorder]. Can the two live in harmony?

Terms like 'emergent' and 'postmodern' are dangerous and often heretical.

Primarily because each one has hundreds of imposed definitions. As of late, the emergent movement/church has been a big topic of debate among conservative [SBC] circles especially. Even in the most recent issue of SBC Life. The 'younger leaders' dialogues with Jimmy Draper. The un-inviting of Brian McLaren to the Kentucky State Convention over a [mis-quoted] statement he made...the list goes on.

As a member of The Ooze, I've been refreshed by the emergent conversation for the past few years. This week, Spencer Burke, Brian McLaren,Tony Jones, and others have posted a collective statement about what their view of 'emergence' is and is not...

It is WELL worth your attention and discernment. You decide if it is heresy or a search for an authentic God?

I'd love to hear your comments!