Thursday, June 01, 2006

All Hail the Power of Krisy Kreme

On Monday, I took Darien on a 'man date'. We picked up a couple of cherry slushes from Sonic, went to pick up some fishing lures, bike inner tubes, and a new soccer ball. On our way home, we spoiled our lunch by stopping off at Krispy Kreme. We spent nearly an hour sitting in KK and talking about all the random things in a 5-year-old's head. Good times.

Why is it that Krispy Kreme won't sell t-shirts bigger than XL....but Nike will sell sizes up to 5x??? Go figure.

Tempus Fugit, baby...

Today is Thursday....feels like a month since my last post, but it's only been a few days. We're in the middle of a tech remodel in our youth center (screens, DLP projectors, PA, etc.). Thank you, Jesus. But it's a slow-going work. We're trying to get it online by Saturday for a SBTC Disaster Relief Conference....right now WE could use a little Disaster Relief.

But it's gonna be awesome...