Monday, November 28, 2005

Jesus Loves Pornstars

That's the mantra of Craig and Mike at Their site offers free internet accountability software (x3 watch) and is promoted as the #1 Christian Porn Site. You won't find pornography, but support and encouragement for those who struggle with it.

I met these guys a couple of years ago in Dallas, to preview their independant film/documentary. The film, titled Missionary Positions, gives a behind the scenes look at the porn industry and the ministry they and their wives have begun in trying to be a light to a very dark world.

Their latest project, The Trinity Project, has been the journey of helping a former porn star find a way out of the industry, and a way into mainstream life to support here daughter and get an education and job. It's amazing. Read about it here.

Why has it taken us so long to begin to reach into that world with the grace and love of Christ? Oh, we've been making picket signs, shaking our Bibles, and screaming that our God hates porn....but when do we get around to forming authentic relationships with those who are trapped in spiritual darkness for the sake of making disciples.

Whatever your take on their ministry, I'd encourage you to do a few things:

First, pray for Mike, Craig, and xxxchurch. Someone needs to go to that world. If it ain't you, then it better be somebody.

Second, download the x3 Watch accountability software. I dare you. If for no other reason than to show your family you value them too much to let porn ruin your house. It happens in the best of families and no one is immune.

A Cloud of Dust

A Cloud of Dust

For those of you who read here from time to time, my apologies for being away so long. Crazy schedules, family travels, changes in ministry have all taken their toll.

But no worries. Although things have kept me from posting in the last few weeks (which seems like an eternity), This week begins a new time of letting the dust settle. In the coming days, I’ll be posting some thoughts and prayers that God has been birthing in me over the last two weeks. I’m not sure where they will lead, but no big deal.

Sometimes God moves in us in ways that words can’t often adequately express. I’ll try to verbalize some things this week that God has shown me, but I’m sure I’ll fall short of doing it right.

For now, here are 2 things that I hope encourage you today.

  1. God is in control. Has it ever occurred to you that nothing ever occurs to God? Nothing catches Him by surprise. He wasn’t having coffee this morning, reading the paper, and realized “Wow! I totally forgot about that Iraq thing! I better get to the office early this morning…!” Not a sparrow falls to the ground that He doesn’t know. He clothes the flowers of the field. He feeds the birds of the air. And YOU are more important to Him than they are. Spend today dancing like flowers and eating like birds. Cast your cares on Him, because He cares for you more than you understand.

  2. God’s grace is bigger than you can possibly imagine. I had a recent conversation with someone about this. At one point, she said, “I know what you’re trying to say, but it comes across like you believe you don’t have to ‘do’ anything…like God will love you anyway.” I responded, “Oh, good. Because that’s EXACTLY what I’m trying to get across!” She looked at me like I had horns. God’s grace NEVER depends on how well I perform, how loud I sing, how much I read my Bible, how often I witness, or how little I think I’ve sinned. Never. Ever. Period. Anything else is religious bondage. If you see that hanging around, put a bullet in its head before it gets any bigger.

The Problem

*the following is a prayer from my journal. I hope it speaks to your heart, not your intellect. If it speaks to no one…I’m okay with that. :P

My Creator and God,
You’ve proved Yourself over and over in new ways in the past few weeks. Just when I think I know You, You move and I see a new facet of Your being that blows me away. Like Icarus, I’ve built wings to fly on my own. But my wings don’t sail me to the sky. I only come crashing down on the rocks below.

Jesus told me that would happen. But I’m not sure I listened.

At times my soul is restless. I endlessly flip channels on my Dish, my XM radio, looking for …something. I’m not even sure what. My favorite shows don’t interest me anymore. My favorite bands are shallow at best. A dim reflection of something much better. Like standing on the edge of something large, yet settling for something much smaller.

Jesus told me that would happen. But I’m not sure I really believed Him.

The problem is I know a little of who I am not. Of what I am not. But I’m not sure I really know all that I am. Not the husband/youth minister/dad/guitarist-guy-who-loves-to-fish part of who I am. That part I know. But what about the adopted-son-of-the-King part of me? What about the more real part of that has been reborn into the image that looks like You? What about the Child of Grace? The problem is I don’t know as much of that as I claim.

I’ve devoted my heart to You. But my heart isn’t built to stay. It continually wanders. It keeps running away. But You give grace to my wayward heart.

Jesus said You would. But I’m not sure I really understood.

I’ve traded You for a mountain of Fool’s Gold, yet You’ve filled my cup with grace. I dumped it out on the floor, then came crawling back for more. Yet, you filled it again.

Jesus said You would. I didn’t believe you really would though.

You make me believe that I could trust you. You make me think that real love exists. That somewhere out there, there is a love that never fails. That there could be a love greater than my sin.

That’s what Jesus said. I’m beginning to believe him.