Sunday, February 05, 2006


How many times have we heard that before? How many times have we SAID that before? (That's how I know I'm getting old...When I open up my mouth and my Dad pops out.)

When we’re babies, all we can do is baby stuff. We cry, eat, sleep, play and poop. We lead a pretty simple lifestyle. As we grow, we learn to walk. Why? Because we see others doing it. We learn to talk. Eventually, we learn to drive, do algebra, play basketball, and surf the internet. Growing up is difficult at times. But at least we know what growing up is supposed to “look like” because we can look around at others.
But what about spiritually? What does it look like to grow up spiritually? We “get saved”, show up a few Sundays at church, sing some songs, go to camp, but then what? How does growing up affect my daily life? We need a fairly good picture of what spiritual maturity looks like in order for us to work toward that. Where’s the payoff for growing up spiritually? Where’s the reward? Wouldn’t it be easier, and less complicated, to just stay in diapers? So, here are the questions that are bouncing around my head this afternoon.
  1. What does “spiritual growth” mean to you?
  2. What “keeps you going” spiritually?
  3. Which is more important, what you believe or how you behave?
  4. As Christians, what do you think is our number one goal?